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How do I love my husband?


This is a great question and one that each one of us needs to ponder frequently regarding our spouse. We begin by learning how to love our spouse by simply asking what says love to them-getting feedback from them on their needs. Learn their love language. Watch them and look for how they respond to gestures of love. Secondly, love in better ways by brushing up on the ability to listen well and encourage greatly. It is a gift when someone really listens without interruptions or interrogation. Thirdly, take time to understand and relate to him in ways that are meaningful to him as a man. Men appreciate respect for what they do right down to how they drive or mow the lawn. Learning better ways of loving takes time, intention and sensitivity. Itís a process. Isnít it great that marriage offers us a lifetime of discovering how to love!

Carrie Oliver, M.A., is an educator and a marriage and family counselor. Carrie is also the Director of the University Relationships Initiative with The Center for Relationship Enrichment at John Brown University. Visit Carrie at www.liferelationships.com

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How do I love my husband?

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